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Mentoring Writers Resource Box

Welcome to Mentoring Writers Resource Box Podcasts

Jan 15, 2021

Today we answer some of the more common questions raised not just by Picture Book writers but by all writers. Listen in and see if we answer your questions.

Jan 12, 2021

We writers have heard about Beta Readers. How they are important and relevant within our writing journey. Today we discuss why you should have one and how to find them.

Jan 8, 2021

Where do you go to get the ideas for a children's adventure story? Why, to the children themselves. Hear what you can learn from the very readers you are trying to impress.

Jan 5, 2021

What to do when the nagging finger of doubt starts waving to you and starts telling you what better things you could be doing. Remember, there is nothing better than writing!

Dec 12, 2020

Writing for children is both a joy and a privilege as we authors are involved at the beginning of many children's learning through our books. Here we offer you a quick guide on the basics off how to start writing a picture book for children.